Malanga is a starchy root vegetable similar in appearance to a yam.  It can be peeled, boiled, or mashed like a potato.  Popular uses include fritters and chips.

Malanga is native to the tropical rain forest regions of South America.  It is uniquely one of the most hypoallergenic foods in the world, and its flour is easily digestible even by persons with extensive allergies.  Malanga is also high in fiber and potassium.

Malanga can keep at room temperature for several weeks, and longer when refrigerated or frozen.  It has dark and slightly hairy skin. The flesh varies in color from pink to yellow, or white.  Freshway sources malanga year-round.


Yuca root is commonly used in Caribbean and South American cooking.  It can be baked or mashed similar to a potato.

This starchy vegetable has a thick and dark brown skin.  Yuca is a versatile food has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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