Chayote (pronounced chah-YOH-teh) is often referred to as the “vegetable pear” due to its similarity in shape. It belongs to the gourd family, along with melons, cucumbers, and squash.  Chayote skin can be either prickly or smooth.  The crisp flesh is green or white, with a large flattened pit.

Raw chayote may be added to salads or salsas.  It is most often cooked or fried in slices.  It has a mild flavor and is commonly served with seasonings. It can be boiled, stuffed, mashed, or baked.

Chayote squash is rich in Vitamin C and amino acids.  It can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated.  Freshway works with growers in the Cartago region of Costa Rica.  Its location 4,000 feet above sea level creates the perfect microclimate for production and year-round supply


A member of the gourd family, Calabaza has the appearance of a pumpkin with the flesh of a squash.  Their thick skin ranges from orange to speckled green.

Calabaza taste similar to butternut or acorn squash. They can be baked or steamed and are perfect for soups.  Grown in the West Indies and tropical Americas, Calabaza can be kept for up to a month when stored in a cool dark place, or up to a week once cut and refrigerated.

Freshway’s boxed Calabaza is one of our most popular presentations sought after by a wide clientele.