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Food Safety

Our Mission and Vision: From the Ground Up

At Freshway, we are committed to providing you with top-quality produce.  Our deep connection to the ground, the farmers, and the earth is what sets up apart.

Freshway is a grower, packer, and distributor based in Miami.  Our specialty is tropical roots sourced from Central and South America, with innovative packaging and competitive pricing.  Our personalized customer service leads to strong and lasting client relationships.

We want to share the goodness of tropical roots, from the ground up.

Our Growers

Each Freshway grower is carefully selected and works closely with us to ensure consistent quality and year-round availability. We work with a select group of growers based in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean . Instead of changing growers week to week based on who has the least expensive product, we maintain lasting relationships with those growers who share our vision of prioritizing food safety, high quality, healthful living and environmental sustainability. This consistency makes Freshway unique in the tropical root industry. We believe that personal connections with our growers and their farms lead to better produce.

Freshway Founder

Jose M. Roggiero has nearly two decades of experience working in the fresh produce industry.  His interest in the perishables business started while attending Pennsylvania State University and earning a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business and Economics. During his career, he has worked in several positions in the areas of quality assurance, customer service, product management, and sales.

Jose has a close connection to agriculture through his father, who is a grower in Ecuador.  It was Jose’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire for innovation that led him to start Freshway Produce in 2010.  He is proud of the commitment to quality and reliability that defines Freshway as the next generation of produce companies.

Our Team

The Freshway family encompasses every individual involved in bringing produce from the ground to your table.  We take pride in our work and making each delivery a success.  You can buy with confidence knowing that loyalty and commitment to customer service are top priorities.